I am the owner of Karlene’s Caribbean Travel. I am also a Mom to twin boys and a daughter.  I really enjoy traveling and decided when I was not traveling I wanted to help others plan a perfect vacation. I started my business in February 2003 as a hobby because I enjoyed helping others plan their travel but eventually it became full time for me.  My “day job” went away and my “fun job” took over!

My first cruise was in 2000 and I instantly loved it. Since then I have taken 15 additional cruises with most of the major cruise lines. I have also taken all-inclusive vacations to Cancun, Mexico, Nassau, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Jamaica. I also attend FAM's with suppliers to tour the resorts so I have a personal knowledge of many resorts in the destinations. I also visited Jamaica through the Jamaican Tourism Board where we attended the Jamaican Bridal Expo and explored many resorts to explore their wedding venues. It was an amazing learning experience!

Each year I attend a seminar that allows me to make personal connections with the suppliers. If we need something out of the ordinary, I have a person to contact to get it done. 

I specialize in the Caribbean because I have visited many of the Islands which gives me the personal knowledge of many popular vacation destinations. Each year my goal is to experience new destinations; if I haven't been there I want to go! I love exploring new places. I also handle a lot of Disney.

I am branching out into Europe and last year I visited Greece to begin with my personal experience of other areas of the world. I hope to continue to get back soon overseas.


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"If you need help planning your vacation Karlene was wonderful and saved us money that we couldn't have looking on our own. Everything was great and was so organized. Thank you."

- Jim - Austintown, OH. -

"Just got back from ANOTHER fabulous cruise thanks to your hard work and efforts, Karlene. I'm really looking forward to our upcoming cruise on the Breeze. It will be sooooooooo cool to cruise with the lady who does so much to make our vacations great."

- Kathy - Orlando, FL -

"This was one of our favorite cruises as it required US to do the least amount of work! I LOVED having someone to keep track of all the details and make the necessary arrangements for us. We are already discussing the next adventure we can have you put together for us. Good job and if anyone is "on the fence" about having a travel agent, well get OFF the fence and call Karlene NOW!" 

- Maudie- Melrose, FL -

“Thank you Karlene’s Caribbean Travel for all your help with our weddingmoon to Jamaica! Highly recommend for destination wedding and vacation!!”

- Jessica - Canfield, OH. -

"Karlene was very helpful in our search for a vacation. She responded quickly and was a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to working with her again soon !!"

- Renee- Akron, NY -

"Thanks again for your hard work. It definitely paid off because our honeymoon in Jamaica was absolutely amazing. Secrets St. James was gorgeous, and it was everything and more than we could have hoped for. I talked to another couple from Ohio at the resort and our deal/package blew theirs away! We will definitely use you for future vacations. Seriously, thank you so much."

- Greg- Girard, OH -

"I like that you handle all of the details (both big and small) and make me feel like a valued client!"

- Lois- Akron, OH. -

“On July 15 I was due to fly from Toronto to New York and my flight was cancelled. I was frantic since I own my own business and had to get back to my company. Oh by the way I was with my wife and 3 small children. I called my travel Agent. You guessed it Karlene!!!  She got us a hotel at the airport and got all 5 of us on the first flight on July 16th and sat us altogether. Because I chose to pay for insurance, all extra charges will be reimbursed. I landed on the next morning and was able to conduct my business. Thank You Karlene’s Caribbean Travel. I could not have done it without you.!

- Alfredo - Valley Stream, NY. -

"My wife and I had a great time on this cruise, made new friends and laughed a lot! Karlene did a super job taking care of everything making sure everything went smooth. We will definitely use her again!" 

- Jerry- Apopka, FL -

"My husband and I had an awesome time. You did a great job on putting together the cruise for so many people. Enjoyed all the new friends we made." 

- Judy- Apopka, FL -